Why Should I Join?

ABH Serves as a Forum for the Exchange of Information and Ideas.
ABH sponsors trainings, committee, association and task force meetings that provide opportunities for our members to expand their professional knowledge and build relationships.

  • ABH promotes the philosophy of recovery.
  • ABH endorses family and consumer involvement in system and program development and service delivery.
  • ABH supports education, research and evaluation, technical assistance and professionalism.
  • ABH provides leadership in the development and implementation of electronic health records, performance improvement and outcome-oriented services.
  • ABH fosters the development of products and services that provide operational and cost-saving benefits to members.
  • ABH advances the improvement of provider business and service delivery practices and corporate compliance.
  • ABH promotes the competitive position of behavioral health providers in the health care marketplace.

ABH and Its Members Make A Difference!
Together, we impact mental health and addiction prevention and treatment public policy by insuring that our voices are heard at every level of government.

  • ABH monitors legislation and state and national budget development process and notifies its members when action is needed.
  • ABH advocates for fair funding and sensible public policy with the state’s administration and before the legislature.
  • ABH testifies on important legislation, regulatory proposals and other legislative matters.
  • ABH works to ensure that our communications have broad and significant impact with the media, legislature and the general public.
  • ABH works in collaboration with other advocacy groups and constituents to promote our policy agenda.
  • Ultimately, ABH works to ensure that our members are positioned as mainstream health care services in any state or national health care system reforms.